Friday, March 24, 2017

Time to move on...

Spring is coming (although hard to believe after you see
what's going on outside the window today.
But things are changing, new beginnings and reflections
and goals to look forward too.

I have had this blog for a good long time,
it was fun to share my work and doodles
{plus so much more, travels, life changes and my insane love
for photography}.

But with time, my blog was just not doing it for me anymore.
And you know when something starts to feel like a chore
and not something you enjoy, well its time to
Move On!

As painful as it can get sometimes to move on,
I really have to do this, I need to pull the plug.

I'll keep few of my posts here going for a while,
or at least until I get my new website going.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for
all the great years,
{Tusen Tack}
thank you for your comments,
for sharing your own work and for making the blog
world a heck of a fun place to be.

The art community is just so amazing!

So now, on to new beginnings

All the best to you all, may spring bring you
joy and find you creating and enjoying art
and life.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Colour, Pattern and Motif coordinations

I sure have had fun with all the exercises so far,
learned ton but still need to learn a few more tons, lol.
I find these colour and pattern coordinates
were most fun to work on and I again used the Citrus
design I made over a month back
(you can see it in my last post)

I made three different variations of the citrus design 
(well, a lot of different once, but only show three here).
Here they are in Island Punch, Nordic Island who
are bright and full of popping contrast colours.
And the one below Spring Leaves
that is in soft muted pastel colours.

Now rest, watch a movie and then hit the hay for a
much needed nights nap.
And tomorrow on to next colour mixing, design making
and fun studio mess making.

Second course and last week of...

I'm getting close to the end of the second course I'm taking,
now less than a week left.
Time has just flown by, cant believe we're yet again in
mid March and spring should be just around the corner.

Well right now it feels like a corner in the distance,
because beginning two weeks ago we received a healthy
load of snow and it looked almost like winter wonderland.
Now this past week it has been back and forth, cold
and slush and then it got warm and now back to cold.

This course I'm taking is
Designing your way, Module 1 through Make it in Design

Learned loads and so hooked on patterns now...
Well I have always loves looking at patterns and different
surface pattern designs, but now I cant walk outside for
a few minutes before I see something.
Everything has something that inspire a design.
All from a plank with rusty nails, seed pods, shadows on
the snow, frozen beauty (like ice above picture), clouds,
stone walls, colours...  Well you get the idea!

Here are some of my patterns I came up with,
all inspired from nature.
Above, the old trees that line roads down south in Sweden.
below the little seed pods/dried flowers of the Sumac shrub.

Below here is my fast growing collection of
paintings and sketches I done for upcoming patterns.
I think I need more wall space!

And below here, yet another design from the Sumac shrub.
This one has two different pieces layered together for
a design, sumac pods and lace
(all hand drawn first and them worked on Photoshop)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Make it in Design courses

 For a month I took par of the Winter School program through
Make it in Design, its all online based classes and I took
all three tracks of the Winter School.

Its been a rough winter for me personally, and this course came
at the best time ever, I needed the challenge and excitement.
I needed to get this for me, grow my own art and
push it to whole new levels and possibilities.
Oh, and kick the winter blue's in the ass.

In short
I totally loved it!

If you love art and if you love to spot patterns everywhere you
look, and if you love all the different patterns and designs
you find in fabrics, papers, tea boxes...  Well you name it
and it makes you wonder what your own art would look
like on things, then this course is for you.

Here is some of my mood boards I made for different projects
{these are included with what I made from
what I found inspirational}

I love all how each piece for me started from grounds I made
for backgrounds and just kept adding layers.
Testing different materials, textures and colours

My studio was in a glorious mess
{I can never keep this place clean for long}

Not only did I work on a lot of painting and drawing
but I also got to do my second best thing to do,
walk around, find new ideas and inspiration
and doing photography.
Its amazing what you can do with what you find around you.
The textures, shapes and colour options
are never ending and so full of possibilities for something
new and exiting.
Yep, I had a blast...
And I totally forgot about the Winter Blues.

I guess this course came of course with a problem, one
huge problem.
I'm now seeing even more patterns, textures and shapes
than ever before and I'm so hooked.
Everywhere I go all I can see and I want to see more,
and my brain is always working on "how could I turn that in to
a new pattern or design"

Is that a problem you may ask, Oh heck no!..
Because I love it and I'm happy!

I cant wait for my next Make it in Design course
and it starts today!
I'm taking the Module 1

So here we go!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Now on Instagram

You can now find my art and my inspirations for my art

Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy Belated New Year...

Wow, 2016 is behind us and now we're almost in
middle of January 2017...

Where did the time go?
Well, for us it totally rushed right by us.

This is our first winter here in Kingston,
lots to get used too and still discovering new things.
Forgot how cold it can get to live close to wide open water,
but I still enjoy it to no end.
And where Kingston is located, our winter weather
sure has its ups and downs.

Downs, it has a lot of damp cold days, and I'm not a fan
of it and neither is my joints...  Oh boy the pain.

Up side! is that it is still beautiful here
and so much to see each time the weather do change
and does it ever here, if its not snowing its ice rain,
then we have frost or it gets warm and all melts. 
Then we have heavy rains and all turns muck...
Or like today, we have lovely fluffy snow coming down
and tomorrow the weather man has promised
a snow storm...  but further in to the week and its getting
warm again. 

Needless to say, never a dull day here
and lots to take pictures of

I haven't done too much painting or drawing wise.
{only a few things}
Made a few Christmas cards, all different and
I'm so kicking my self for only taking pictures of one of them

This one I carved, then printed and painted it,
{inks, acrylic marker and water colours}

Happy New Year's
and I hope you and everyone special in your life
had a lovely and peaceful holiday season.
And all of you had a great start to the new year.

I'm leaving you here this time
with a few more pictures I have taken since winter started.

And May the New Year Bring You
Joy, good health & Peace

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Celebrations and sketching

Its that time of the year again.
Festivals of light

And no matter where and what corners of earth we all
come from or religions we share.
We all do have something in common. 
We all need light
a beacon of hope. joy and warmth.

And during this time of the year,
many of us celebrate just that.
And in my families case, we celebrate
Santa Lucia &
heading towards Winter Solstice
{the darkest day of the year}

With candles in her hair, she sings and brings light.

I know I'm behind schedule when it comes to this years
Christmas and winter paintings and drawings.
{tell you the truth, I have done non}
So early this morning as I sat by candle light,
listening to Swedish Christmas music I did some sketching.
Later it turned in to another sketch {below}...

But sometimes, its the very first try that turns out just right.
I don't like it at all how the second sketch turned out,
not at all and after some water colours splashed on.
Well I liked it even less.
Face too long and her eyes are not right, just Meh!

So the first one {below}
I like just as is.
A quick sketch and just a little bit of colour.
She's Lucia to me, the one who brought us light.

Happy Santa Lucia
Winter Solstice
May the light find you and bring you joy

Here is a bit of our holiday decorations,
and our version of traditional Lucia saffron buns.
Having wheat allergies, we need to improvise.
So GF Saffron Buns it is
{not bad if I may say so my self}